Cold Case Notes From the Goober State Queen

A Podcast by Carol Laverty

This website is where I will be posting links to various things that I will be talking about on my podcast. Included will be photos, documents, and links to anything I dig up in my research for the podcast.

June 25, 2017: Latest News

Cold Case Notes has now been up for a week. I am pleased with the progress we are making. I have had some business cards printed up that I can hand out easily to people in order to "publicize" the podcast.

In order to help lower production costs, I applied to the Amazon Affiliate Program. If you need to order anything from Amazon, please do so through the banners on the home page. Even a simple click helps tremendously!

You will also notice that we also have Blue Apron banners on the home page. We are also now Blue Apron Affiliates!

Another sponsor and patron joining us is Sarah Elizabeth Larson. Sarah is a friend of mine that sells leggings for LuLaRoe. We are making plans to do a fundraiser of sorts for the podcast. She will also be mailing my business cards out with purchases that are made through her. This is much appreciated. If you are interested in purchasing leggings or tops through her, her facebook group is 

She makes the process very simple and I can promise you, she delivers quickly!

This week's episode was a heartbreaker for me. Please make sure you go listen to the latest episode and catch up if you need to! We also had an update on the Baby Hope case! I totally wasn't expecting that and was OVER THE MOON to hear it!

We also now have a Patreon Account at

Thank ya'll! Hope you stay a while.