Cold Case Notes From the Goober State Queen

A Podcast by Carol Laverty

This website is where I will be posting links to various things that I will be talking about on my podcast. Included will be photos, documents, and links to anything I dig up in my research for the podcast.


You may be wondering, why the Goober State Queen? Well I am originally from Georgia, the Goober State! The Navy has seen fit to make me a Virginia resident at this point, but I am a Georgia girl at heart!

I am new to podcasting. This will be my first attempt. I am 38 years old, a mother of three girls, wife of 16 years. I am currently a college student and working toward my medical degree. My ultimate goal is to become a forensic pathologist.

I love true crime. You might say it is a passion of mine. I feel that sometimes the victims get lost in the mix of these crimes and hate to see cold cases. Every victim deserves a voice and a resolution to what has happened to them. Perhaps by getting some of these cases in the spotlight again, justice can finally be served.